I look forward to the release of Garrott Duroque from Monster High. I’ve been waiting since his first appearance in the Scaris movie. I also can hardly wait for my Wydowna Spider doll to come in the mail. I adore Monster High. If I had my ideal collection I would have three of every doll, play set, and fashion pack. One would stay mint in box, another for display purposes, and the final for touching and dressing….if only. I watched a production of “The Phantom of the Opera” today on my iPod. I love the story, I only wish that Christine would have stayed with The Phantom. Though, I do think the ending is perfect. I’ve seen all the movies, watched the musical (not live unfortunately), and read half the book. My iPod deleted the web page that I was reading the book from, I can’t remember what page I was on and I’m too upset right now to dig through the book again.


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